The moment we are invited for a WEDDING, we get excited and the first thing that comes to mind is about the great food you will probably have at the WEDDING! WEDDING and good food has been inexorably linked since ages. Most guests pronounce a WEDDING to be good, if they had great food. Hence the WEDDING feast has to be given particular care and attention. As the catering bill constitutes one of the largest expenses of a WEDDING budget, the role of the WEDDING caterer is highly important during the marriage. The most important task of choosing a right caterer remains the foremost requirement for the main day. Choosing a right WEDDING caterer requires lot of research and planning to set the WEDDING in a best possible way.

Food art - Authenticity Redefined will assist you in your WEDDING preparations by selecting a suitable WEDDING caterer for your special occasion. We have tie -ups with premium and exclusive WEDDING caterers who would provide top quality cuisines at your WEDDING function.

Our branding menu includes almost every flavor covering cuisines such as Indian continental, Chinese, Mughalai, italian, mangolian etc.

Ceremonies Catering Service

There are various ceremonies happening almost daily. This may be house warming ceremony, religious functions, marriage ceremonies and many others. All these ceremonies require special attention as each and every ceremony is very different from each other and require special preparation of food items. We have the expertise to prepare various dishes according to the ceremony. Lot of our customers is appreciative of our catering services for various ceremonies.

Reception Parties Catering Service

We also offer our catering services for various receptions. We have the strength and capacity and provide our services which include various dishes and drinks such as hard and soft drinks. Small to big parties can be very easily handled by us without any difficulty and we can provide numerous palatable dishes and drinks. We have provided our catering services for a number of customers in one day. Our services include right from decoration until cleaning up of the premises after the party is over.

Marriage Parties Catering Service

Marriage parties require total attention as catering requires from providing evening tea and coffee coupled with snacks and snacks before dinner is served. All these occasions require special attention and preparation. Enough dishes from various regions of India are prepared so as to keep all guests satisfied with our food products. Our services are offered on a turn-key basis with very economical pricing.

Conferences Catering Service

Catering service for conferences involve providing tea and coffee around 11 o’clock in the morning followed by lunch around 1 o’clock and tea break at around 3 p.m. There are big conferences and small ones and accordingly we prepare food items and also with a combination of various regions from India. Many commercial establishments have benefitted from our services and in turn we have expanded our business with other customers also.

Birthday Parties Catering Service

Now--a-days all individuals hold birthday parties for themselves and also for their young children which has become a fashion. Children remember their birthdays and keep counting the days for their birthday to come nearer and nearer. It is an enjoyable event for the children as many of them spend the time with their close friends and cherish tasty snacks and soft drinks. Elder individuals also celebrate their birthdays by inviting friends and relatives. Birthday parties are occasions to keep remembering always.


  • teppanyaki
  • indian
  • sushi
  • goan
  • oriental
  • international grills
  • chettinad food
  • punjabi desi rasoi
  • lebanese
  • italian
  • continental
  • awadh
  • live tandoori stations
  • mughlai
  • anarkali bazaar
  • live salad stations

food and beverage team

Permanent staff of chefs with vast experience who have served this industry. we have wide range of veg as well as non veg snacks.

in house bakery

Souffles / Tiramisu / Fruit Tarts / Pastries / cakes puddings / chocolates / continental breads etc.

outdoor live stalls

  • baskin robbins
  • dominos pizza
  • chocolate station
  • kulfi station
  • rajasthani cuisine special stall

about the bar

we have specialised team of professional male and female bar tenders which can offer you a wide variety of awesome cocktails and mocktails.

Fire juggling is their another special feature.

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