Food Art decoration services has been established as a powerful collaborative to bring creativity and artistic expression to corporate and individual events with our Decoration services. Decoration Service is not about making stage sets, it's not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it's really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.The process of moulding the experience of interior space and giving it a perfect shape is done by our team of experienced designers.

flower decoration

In every WEDDING ceremony or any other function flowers play an important role. Flower gives a new and fresh dimension to the WEDDING décor. Indian WEDDING is full of elaborate rituals. And mostly all of the pre WEDDING rituals take place at home. So in that case home décor is very important and for that flowers are used for different styles. Flower decoration depends on your budget. But If you have in theme or color scheme for the WEDDING ceremony than the color of the flower should match your color scheme or theme.

Birthday parties Decoration

We provide Birthday Parties Decoration for Birthday Parties. Let our teams of professionals make your balloon decorations match the colors you require ensuring a fully co-ordinate theme with balloon pearl arches, balloon eye catching trees, balloon clusters of floating clouds, table decorations and center pieces with bows, garlands, swagging and many more.

Reception Parties Decoration

We provide Reception Parties Decoration for Reception Parties. Let our teams of professionals make your balloon decorations match the colors you require ensuring a fully co-ordinate theme with balloon pearl arches, balloon eye catching trees, balloon clusters of floating clouds, table decorations and center pieces with bows, garlands, swaging and many more.

WEDDING Parties Decoration

We provide special WEDDING Parties Decoration Services to clients. All the planning is carried out by our skilled professionals, who take care of WEDDING invitations, ambiance of the place, design, theme and other things. We can also personalize the event as per the requirements of clients.

Hall Decoration

We offer excellent Hall Decoration to our various domestic and international clients. Be a hotel or banquet hall, decorations with beautiful scented flowers are much in demand these days. We provide excellent quality floral decoration service to various hotels, special venues, banquet halls, foyers, auditoriums etc.

Tent Decoration Services

We offer a wide range tent decoratevies in attractive structure and is very appealing due to the colored chunni and beautiful fabrics used. These tents are modern and basically preferred by everyone in today’s era. We offer our services at affordable prices.Our water proof WEDDING tents are a wide rage in today era and are basically preferred by families for camping, hiking as well as for storage purposes. These tents are designed and fabricated in a way through which water can run off easily.

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